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Anonymous asked: What is/are the most important message(s) one can get from Donnie Darko? Love the blog xx

aw thank you! I know I haven’t updated in a while, so I’ll get to that soon aha

Um, to me, I guess there are loads of messages from Donnie Darko, but these are the ones I got from it

-Donnie and Gretchen’s relationship kinda taught me that no matter who you are or how you feel about yourself, there is always at least one person that understands you and is there with you to the end
-Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself (when he said ‘I think you’re the fucking antichrist’)
-It kind of makes you question human nature I guess, how we’e born, we work, we work, we die. It’s like it’s questioning why we do this because we’re not really living in the process, and it’s defying that by Donnie’s continuous actions.
-And I guess it’s mostly about fear, love and sacrifice, and to me, these themes were highlighted because they’re a vital part of the human experience, and they’re also the things that people are most missing.

sorry if this was dumb or none of it made sense but yeah that’s just what I think, thanks for the question!

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